Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 Mistakes That Killed the Punch in This Promotion

I just received an email from a vendor I've used a number of times in the past offering me "exclusive pricing" on some of their products. Interested in what I may have qualified for as a client, I read on. That's when I hit the first HUGE mistake made in this promotion.

As I would hope, there was a deadline on this "exclusive pricing" which, in theory, should make me feel some urgency to place an order. But immediately following the expiration date notice was a statement that indicated a new "exclusive pricing" offer would be sent to me when that one expired.


That took the urgency right out of the picture. Apparently I can order any time I want and get a deal. No rush, right?

Then the thought hit me: If this blatant a blunder was made in this promotion, is my "exclusive pricing" even really exclusive? So I went to the company's website. guessed it. My "exclusive pricing" is posted right on their website for anyone who happens by. And I thought I was special.

When we run promotions, we must be sincere. We need to create real urgency. We must make genuine deals to our audiences that really are whatever they are purported to be. Running a promotion right can bring a windfall of sales. Blunders like those I've shared from this company's train wreck of a promotion can cause permanent apathy--a marketers worst enemy.

Remember the boy who cried wolf? You don't want to be him. Especially when it comes to your marketing.

Here's to your marketing success!

Bryan Waldon Pope

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