Monday, July 11, 2011

Becoming a Great Marketer

I’ve been listening, once again, to Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret” as I’ve been traveling. If you’re not familiar with this classic piece, I strongly suggest you get it and absorb it.

To oversimplify Mr. Nightingale’s message, he tells us that we become what we think about. He cites Napoleon Hill and others throughout history as having shared this same truth.

Think about this principle in the context of being a marketer. That may be your full-time job, but more likely it is just one of the hats you wear in the course of running your business. So how do you become a great marketer?

Let me pause here and state clearly that I don’t believe you can simply see yourself as a successful marketer and have it become so magically. It takes effort and dedication. It takes time. But it can’t happen if you don’t see yourself as such, even with effort, dedication, and time.

There are many truths in our world. The truth that we become what we think about is one that has become increasingly important and apparent to me. What a powerful nugget this is. We are, and will continue to become, who we want to be at the level of our core beliefs. How empowering it is to know how to direct that reality from its foundation.

Here’s to your thinking like a great marketer!

Bryan Waldon Pope


  1. Great post Bryan! It goes right along with what I have been posting on my blog - Keepin' Up With LDS Bookstores - especiall the last 2 posts. Hope you don't mind if I excerpt this post for my Marketing post tomorrow and send them here for the full article.

  2. No problem, Kay. Share away!

    I read my post again in light of your reference to it as "the full article." I'll write more on this. This post is just an opening of the door.

    Thanks for your comments! I appreciate you.