Monday, May 9, 2011

Get OUT! You heard me...

Years ago as I was just beginning to build my network and my business, I found myself often sitting behind my desk in my nice office shuffling papers, looking busy, and getting nothing meaningful accomplished. In retrospect, I realize I was unsure of myself and, therefore, a little fearful of misstepping.

I now realize that sitting behind a desk gets little done in the way of building a business. Yes, we need to spend time on our computers for various reasons. We need to make phone calls. And some of that can be done from behind a desk. But most of the real work that takes us to new highs is done when we stand up and get out of our offices, stores, and comfort zones.

Whether the best use of our time is seeing customers or clients face-to-face, networking to meet new people, setting up joint-ventures with our peers, creating new products and services to offer, or just about any other high level growth activity, very little of it will likely happen from behind a desk.

So let’s get up, and GET OUT. We’ll make meaningful appointments with people who can truly help us accomplish our goals, whoever they may be. This week we’ll attend at least one event that allows us to meet people outside our existing network. After all, we’re hubs in our respective spheres of influence. We have to be out there!

And when there isn’t a scheduled reason to get out of the building and we need some fresh perspective, we can always simply get out by taking a walk, clearing our minds, and looking around us for triggers to our next big idea.

So truly—get out! You heard me…

Here’s to your marketing success!

Bryan Waldon Pope

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